Holy Island
Holy Island is a small 'tidal' island in the North Sea situated just off the far north-east corner of England - approximately 5 miles due East of the A1 Trunk road (at Beal crossroads).
Tidal island means that safe access is only possible during the times when Sea does NOT cover the causeway. The causeway is a paved road and is suitable for all road vehicles but only when the tide and causeway are 'open'!! 'Opening Times' vary from day-to-day and are predictable.
Our location
Within a mile of leaving the A1 at Beal, the narrow, country road to Holy Island reaches the start of the Causeway. There are tide tables at the side of the road and a small car park. As you proceed there are signs warning against crossing when the Sea is covering the road. For those who do not heed the warnings there is a refuge on the bridge!
Please click here for tidal times and road map.